Welcome Spring Crafts (Flowers in Pots, Butterflies & Cards)

My SURF Club girls welcomed spring in this week with two crafts and some watercolor artwork. S.U.R.F. stands for Sweet, Unique, aRtsy Friends. This is a group of some of my neighbor girls who join me for crafting fun every week. They range in ages from 3 to 17.

Aren’t these flowers darling?


For this craft I supplied the girls with the following:

  • pre-cut paper flowers, printed on cardstock
  • markers
  • green chenille stems (I happened to have four different greens)
  • flat wood craft sticks (optional)
  • little flower pots/cups (from the Dollar Tree)
  • river rocks
  • moss
  • scotch tape

I tried to find these flowers online, but I had no luck. I already had them on hand from an Easter printout I used at church years ago. Notice how the faces of the flowers are pentagon shaped. That allows for the petals to be folded in or out.


First the girls colored their flowers. Then they created their stems. There were two different ways the girls created the flower stems. One was by winding green chenille stems around a craft stick, which gives a thicker, fuzzier stem that is unbending. I told the girls to leave a little space at the top of the stick to attach the flower, using scotch tape or a drop of glue. The other way was to wind a chenille stem around a pencil or marker to create a coiled stem (see photo above). The flowers were then “planted” into the cup/pot using river rocks and moss and scotch tape to secure them.

For the butterfly craft I supplied:

  • butterfly die cuts (bought from Michael’s and other craft stores)
  • pom poms in a variety of colors and sizes
  • craft glue
  •  markers (some of my girls used watercolor paints instead)
  • embellishments such as stickers and confetti
  • scrapbook paper (optional)
  • craft punches (optional)

I had two different butterfly die cuts because I had some prior, bought years ago (the one on the right with the antennas), and knowing I would run out, I found the other shape (on the left) from Michael’s. For each butterfly I had the girls start by gluing pom poms down the middle for the head and “body” (I think it’s officially called an abdomen if you want to get scientific). I had tiny pom poms for the butterfly pictured left since that particular die cut featured a skinny middle. Then the girls decorated the wings any way they wanted. Some of the girls glued their butterflies onto scrapbook paper for a background.

My girls love to make cards so they each created a spring scene on the front of blank cards, using watercolor paints.

For this project, I supplied the girls with the following:

  • plain white cards with envelopes (from any craft store; I got these in a box of 50 from Walmart’s craft section)
  • watercolor paints and paint brushes
  • water in little cups
  • green construction paper, scissors, and glue sticks (for grass; optional)
  • spring stickers
  • markers/colored pencils


Many of the girls started out by painting pretty blue skies on the front of their cards. For some of the younger girls, I had pre-cut strips of green construction paper, the length of their cards, and showed them how to use their scissors to cut into it without going all the way through (I hope that makes sense!) to create grass. Then the girls added stickers and their own artwork to finish their spring scenes.


ā™„ Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope you’re seeing signs of spring where you live and that it inspires you to create something and get outside in nature. If you make these crafts with your kids, I’d love to hear about it. AND stay tuned for the SURF club’s ladybug craft reveal which is part of The Great Ladybug Challenge. I hope all of my creative readers will join in! Check it out and let’s keep the fun going. Bloggers may create ladybugs any way they wish, through art, photography, crafting, etc. Anyone is welcome to participate. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. ā™„

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