My Fairy Gardens

So far, this is a cool and wet spring here in northern Utah. With all the rain, some occasional snow showers, and a couple of hail storms, I’ve only managed to get outside to weed my tulip bed and set up my fairy gardens on my front porch for my craft girls to enjoy when they visit.

DSC05560 (2)
Lil Lil told me she’s spring cleaning her cottage and guest cottage.

In fact, my SURF Club (Sweet, Unique, aRtsy Friends) is in the middle of a combined project this month. Each girl is contributing their creativity to two fairy gardens which our club will give to two grandmothers in our community. So far, each girl has made cards and painted rocks. This week, each girl will add her handprint to the outside of each fairy garden pot. I’ll post the final results when we are finished next week.

DSC05567 (2)

You’ve probably noticed my blogging has slowed down. I am busy living life! My husband and I have decided to sell our house and in preparation for that, the kids and I have been decluttering, room by room. We have been donating or selling items we no longer need/want and packing other items in boxes and containers and moving them to a storage unit. It’s very time consuming. It feels great to declutter and simplify our lives. So many times in our moving around we have lived simplistically and it’s so freeing. Our material possessions really can tie us down.

DSC05566 (3)
Sparkleberry has a wishing well in her backyard.

Our plan is to sell this house and buy an RV to live in for a year or so. I’ve always wanted to road-school (even though living in Peru and Canada has given us some world-school opportunities) and this is my last chance. I don’t blog much about our homeschooling now because there’s not much to show and tell in these high school years. Marcus owns his education and he’s very responsible. He loves the freedom homeschooling gives him. For me, it’s so nice to have him home and I love our morning time driving to and from Seminary (that is a youth scripture study class he attends in person) because we listen to audio books. We just finished Journey to the Fringe by Kelli Swofford Nielsen. If you are looking for an adventure and fantasy novel, this is a great one.

DSC05570 (2)
Dew Drop takes care of the fairy playground and treehouse. She also feeds Halle.

My long term plan is to buy some land, build a house we can pay off quickly, and I have a dream to start my own craft class/party business. I’ve really enjoyed crafting with my SURF Club. We’ve literally created some wonderful memories together. 🙂

DSC05557 (2)
Clover’s garden attracts birds and critters. 

♥ I do hope we get some sun here soon! How is spring shaping up for you? Do you have some fairies living in your gardens? Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥

18 thoughts on “My Fairy Gardens

  1. I love your fairy garden and pots! Did you post where you got your bits and bobs to make them?

    How exciting an RV life sounds. The places you’ll go, the places you’ll see!
    I bet you’re doing a much better job of decluttering and letting go of the material things than I am!
    I thought I’d be better at it than I am, but I have so much stuff still to pack for our move.

    I’m looking forward to reading your RVing adventures! I hope your house sells as fast as you want it to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Deborah! I bought my fairy pieces from Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and Michael’s, adding pieces each spring. I got the pots from ShopKo and the round tray from Hobby Lobby. And then I added craft neon pebbles, craft flowers (some crushed), glitter and pink sand.

      It’s been easier than I thought to let go of things, but I have a feeling I’ll have to go through the process again once I’m resettled in a smaller house (after RVing). I have a lot of stuff from Peru and around 20 containers of Christmas decor! 😬

      Thanks for your well wishes! I hope your packing goes smoothly. Moving is a lot of work!

      Liked by 1 person

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