Summer Craft- Nature Paper

Summer SURF Club days are in session! I told my cute little craft girls that I’d keep our club going until we sell our house. This month 28 girls are participating! To accommodate them all, I set up two sessions on Tuesdays and one session on Wednesdays. This week, we focused on nature. The girls made paper sack nature journals and nature paper.

Now you’ll know something to do the next time your bouquet flowers start to wilt. šŸ™‚

This is a simple and inexpensive craft for kids to make. You only need three main supplies:

  • White tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Flower petals and leaves (make sure they will lay flat)

You’ll also need scissors, wax paper, a small paper/foam plate (for the glue), and a sponge brush.

DSC06405 (2)
If you don’t have Mod Podge, mix three parts Elmer’s glue with one part water.

Gather your supplies. Cut the tissue paper into a rectangle of any size and then fold it in half. The idea is to have your child sandwich the petals and leaves between the two sides of paper. I cut these pretty small to keep the attention span of younger children.

Use wax paper as your child’s work surface. Pour some prepared glue on a small plate and give your child a sponge brush. Have her gently brush one side of the unfolded tissue paper with the glue, making sure she covers the entire area.

These could be made into bookmarks.

On top of the fresh glue, instruct your child to place leaves and petals any way she wishes. She may want to dab more glue over each one. Once that is accomplished, have her fold the other side over and press her hand over the entire paper. Gently peel it off the wax paper and lay it flat somewhere to air dry. It will take several hours to a day to dry, depending on the size.


An optional drying/smoothing help would be to gently iron it between parchment paper. Use the lowest setting on your iron and beware that the heat might alter the petal colors a bit (which we thought was cool). Of course, ironing requires adult supervision.

On a side note, the girls made leaf rubbings in their nature journals, which was a fun activity.

ā™„ On the night of May 22nd, we had a huge windstorm here in northern Utah, and the next morning I woke up to a fallen tree. That was surprising and a bit sad. At least it fell into our driveway, away from the house. Two awesome neighbors cut it up and hauled it off for me since my husband was away. We get some crazy winds here. Not tornados, though, so I can’t complain. Now my son is in Texas and he’s been under some tornado watches. My prayers go out to those who have dealt with severe weather. I understand the U.S. recently had 500+ tornados in a thirty-day period. That’s just crazy. Stay safe, everyone. Let me know how your summer is going so far. ā™„


9 thoughts on “Summer Craft- Nature Paper

  1. Beautiful crafts, I need to remember to do these with my grandbabies!! The 5 yo “quafted” today, after we unpacked a box, and found her scissors, hole punch, and glue!
    Thankful you and your house are safe!


  2. How scary, that tree looks like it was pretty big too. I have family in Arkansas and Oklahoma and they said the storms were really bad but thank God everyone was okay. I had an Aunt and Uncle out on the road when the storms hot and they are also okay. We never have anything like that here in Phoenix, just the heat. Those crafts are beautiful, tell the girls they all did great jobs. I am pressing some flowers right now from my Spring garden, hopefully I will have something as pretty as what you all did. Have a great week and stay safe over there.

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