Fun Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

This week, my SURF Club girls made Fourth of July crafts. These are fun, inexpensive crafts that appeal to most ages.


Miniature pallet flags, fire crackers, and patriotic butterflies!

Who doesn’t like something in miniature? I once painted a pallet flag and that is what gave me this idea. For this craft the girls used the following supplies:

  • Jumble craft sticks (8 per flag)
  • Craft glue/Mod Podge
  • Red, white, and blue acrylic paint (I had two choices for the blue)
  • Paint brushes and small paper plates
  • Painter’s tape (optional; can help create a straight line for the blue square)
  • Star punch and white paper
  • Or silver star stickers

First I glued the jumble craft sticks together to look like a mini pallet. I set six sticks in a horizontal row with a little space between each one. Then I glued two more sticks vertically across them, one on each end (see right photo above). I used a hot glue gun, but craft glue works just as well. And, don’t strive for perfection. I’ve never seen a perfect pallet.

I helped the girls mark off a space with painters tape for the Canton or Field (the blue square). I reminded them that the top stripe is red and that the red and white stripes alternate. By the way, this would be a great time to learn some facts about Old Glory. 🙂

I think it’s easier for kids to paint one color at a time, allowing each to fully dry before moving to the next color. I also told the girls to focus on painting the top side of the craft sticks, leaving the back side unpainted. The blue paint should be fully dry before adding stars. Some girls punched out stars from white craft paper. Another option is to use silver star stickers.


Our next craft was firecrackers. For this craft the girls used:

  • Empty toilet paper, paper towel, or wrapping paper rolls (3 t.p. or cut rolls each)
  •  Red, white, and blue acrylic paint
  • Foam paint brushes and smaller brushes for detail work
  •  Red, white, and blue tissue paper
  • Silver, gold, and red sparkly chenille stems (these came in a package from the Dollar Tree)
  • Or red and blue paper straws (I found 4th of July straws at the Dollar Tree)
  •  Craft materials for decorating, such as glitter (red, white, blue, gold, silver), 4th of July ribbon, star punches and 4th of July scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue and scotch tape (Mod Podge worked well for the glitter. Glitter can also be added directly on wet paint.)

I loved the variety that came out with this craft! Each girl started with three empty t.p. rolls which she painted red, white, and blue. Once the paint was dry, each roll was decorated with more paint or embellishments such as glitter, ribbon, paper or sticker stars, etc.


Once the t.p. tubes were decorated and dry, tissue paper was folded, cut, and stuffed into the center hole. I had pre-cut big squares of red, white, and blue tissue paper. I had the girls fold the squares into half, and then half again, similar to the photo above. This is not rocket science, so just eye-ball it! Once the tissue was folded, the girls used scissors to make slits along one long end (see photo above).


The folded, cut, rectangle tissue was then loosely rolled, from short end to short end, and gently pushed into the tube center. The result is something like the photo above. The final step was to insert a cut piece of sparkly chenille stem or paper straw. Some girls chose to tie the three firecrackers together in a little bundle. 🙂


Our third craft was patriotic butterflies. I got the idea for this craft when I saw packages of butterfly shaped paint trays at the Dollar Tree.


These came six to a package. For this craft, I supplied:

  • Butterfly paint trays
  • Red and blue acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Red, blue, and silver or white glitter
  • Craft glue such as Mod Podge
  • Embellishments such as tiny pom poms, sequins, bits of craft thread, cut up paper straws, “unicorn glass” (mylar bits), etc. (all in red, white, and blue colors)

First the girls added blue or red paint to whichever sections of the butterfly they wished. Then they added the embellishments. Glitter can be added to wet paint. Mod podge works great for adding embellishments once the paint is dry.

♥ I want to wish all of my readers a Happy Fourth of July next week. I’ll be busy enjoying time with my beautiful second daughter, Marissa, who returns home from an 18-month mission this Saturday. She has faithfully served the delightful people of Peru in the Cusco mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so proud of her! Missionaries work hard! They live and breathe their mission. Marissa will be returning to her university to finish her generals this fall. She plans to earn her degree in marine biology. ♥




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