Kid Craft- Frogs

This week at Craft Days, 25 kids made some of the cutest frogs I’ve ever seen. I chose frogs to celebrate this Leap Year. Frogs just seemed fitting for Leap Year and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so judging by a quick web search for Leap Year kid crafts.


The kids made two kinds of frogs, one from toilet paper rolls and the other from styrofoam cups. For this craft, I supplied:

  • Styrofoam cups and/or toilet paper rolls
  •  Pre-cut craft foam frog legs and feet (see photos)
  •  Pom-poms in various colors and sizes
  •  Googly eyes
  •  Craft paint and paint brushes
  •  Craft glue and  low temp glue gun with glue sticks (use with adult supervision)
  •  Chenille stems
  •  Embellishments such as sequins and buttons
  •  Markers

Besides covering my craft table with a plastic table cloth, I like to give each child a piece of construction paper to use as a “place mat”.  This helps them keep to a work space in front of them. This especially comes in handy when painting or using glitter.

I’ve been reminding the kids to wait until their paint is completely dry before adding details. Impatient kids who are waiting for something to dry can choose their embellishments for the next step or take out a piece of paper to color or draw.

Some of the kids made lily pads for their frogs.


♥ Wishing all of my readers a Happy Leap Day, a happy weekend, and a happy start to the month of March. ♥

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