Morning Hike

Marcus and I took a lovely hike this morning. It was so good for my soul. Nature therapy. The weather was perfect, too.

We are lucky to have some public access land (foot traffic only) in our town, less than five miles from our home. It’s between two farmlands located in the hillside.

It was just the two of us so it was perfect for this crazy social-distancing time we’re in. Speaking of which, this afternoon, my daughter, Darcie, and I braved a trip to our local grocery store because we were low on the basics (milk, eggs, cheese). We lucked out because there were very few shoppers inside the store. We saw at least three store employees shopping for customers (online orders).

Before this pandemic, grocery shopping was enjoyable for me and I would sometimes pop into our local store three times a week, mostly because I’m terrible at meal planning! Now, I dread any kind of shopping and have personally avoided grocery shopping for the past three weeks. I’d send anyone else willing to go.

So naturally I wasn’t looking forward to today’s shopping, but it turned out to be the only pleasant experience I’ve had in this store since the panic buying started. Shelves are still half-bare and there was a limit on the eggs, but my daughter and I breezed through the store checking off our small list and I didn’t feel the anxiety shopping now gives me. In fact, it was only after we’d gone the wrong way down the otherwise empty beverage aisle, that we realized every aisle is now one-way. That’s a smart idea, I think.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. In case you haven’t heard, there will be a worldwide day of prayer and fasting this Friday, which is Good Friday, April 10th. I hope you’ll join us. You may choose how long you fast, and if your health doesn’t permit fasting, please pray throughout the day with us. I believe in the power of prayer and fasting combined and in the power of praying together. So let’s fast and pray together for relief from this pandemic for each and every one of us throughout the world.

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