Happy Earth Day

Looking out at Bear Lake from Logan Canyon

Here in Utah, most of us are allowed, even encouraged, to enjoy outside recreation during our stay-home directive, as long as we stay close to home and follow social distancing, of course. Honestly, getting outside for walks and hikes has lifted my spirits immensely during this surreal time. I’ve always loved being in nature, but now I appreciate it even more. We’ve been blessed with a truly amazing and wonderous earth.

Last Friday the weather was so nice that the girls and I decided to hike in Logan canyon. It was no surprise that we weren’t the only ones who headed to the canyon for the day, but my clever husband found an empty trail for us. As you can see, there is still a lot of snow in our canyons. We saw snowmobilers out in some areas. Confession: I have never been on a snowmobile.

Overlooking the valley where the Bear River Massacre took place.

We live so close to Idaho that sometimes we take scenic drives out that direction. We did just that as a family this past Sunday. We played local tourists for the day.

Up close view of the geyser boardwalk. Isn’t it cool?
My youngest two, playing a game while waiting for the geyser.

One of our stops was the Soda Springs geyser. It goes off every hour, on the hour (or close enough). And, I thought it was cool that a cemetery was behind it.

This geyser was discovered while drilling for a swimming pool.

I have one thought for Earth Day: Too often, we see litter in campsites, along the side of trails, in ditches, along highways, etc. This earth is the only one we’ve got and to see some people disrespect it by leaving their trash all over the place makes me sad and angry. Once, we discovered an abandoned couch on an empty lot just down the street from us. It had been discarded in the middle of the night. My sons packed it up in our trailer and took it to the dump. I will never understand deliberate littering.

We ended our touring at the sunken garden at Lava Hot Springs. We had it all to ourselves. My husband had made reservations to celebrate our 28th anniversary (last month), at Lava Hot Springs. Of course, it shut down and we had to cancel that reservation. We have a certificate to redeem our bed and breakfast stay sometime in the future.

It’s been so nice to get out with my camera! We’ve also been doing some yardwork and planting. Maybe I’ll post about that later on. We were surprised yesterday to discover one nursery closed altogether due to this virus. Just up the same road, another nursery had a sign saying they were essential because plants make people happy. We happily gave them our business. We needed plants!

Inside, I’ve been baking bread, reading, and binge watching Hallmark, when I’m not keeping up with necessary housework. My oldest daughter, Darcie, is teaching herself how to knit. Spring semester started this week for my youngest daughter, Marissa, who is pursuing a degree in zoology. She’s glad to be home with us at this time, but hopes to be back on her campus for fall semester. Wouldn’t that be nice? Marcus is winding down his junior year of high school. He’s almost to his last three weeks. His schooling was uninterrupted since we homeschool. And, that’s what is going on at our house this quarantine season. Let me know how you’re doing.

12 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. What beautiful hikes you enjoy, Camie! I grew up in Colorado and still miss the mountains. Our work on the farm continues as usual…calving, planting crops, gardening. Our grad school son is home doing classes online and plans to be married on May 15…a smaller ceremony now.

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      1. I need to start bringing a little garbage bag with me on some of my hikes. I’m a little too obsessed with Hallmark at times! Thank you for your comment, Lisa. Hope your weekend is nice.

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